Doha (city of the future!)

There is a futuristic city in the Middle East called Doha. Doha is the capital of Qatar a thumb like peninsula sticking out from Saudi Arabia. Doha is one of a new breed of international cities that are purpose built to be open to global travel and trade. It is full of clusters of high rise buildings, freeways and high speed trains. The international airport is central to the city demonstrating that the city is open to the outside world. Doha is at the centre of world air travel routes and many passengers change flights here. There are also world famous art galleries, restaurants, malls and hotels. It is a playground for the international jet set. People from all around the world invest in business and property in Doha. It seems to have an international feel with many languages spoken (although the culture is Arab). The underlying culture is conservative. Many international businesses have offices here including many financial institutions. The global media organisation Al Jazeera is based here. 

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