With my paranoia scenarios snowball into worst case scenarios, ending in dreadful situations. When I was reading the stoic philosophers I was reading about how we can’t control other people very well and we can’t control most events. Thus maybe we shouldn’t worry about these things too much. They are beyond our control. Trying to control them will only bring frustration. Knowing how much we don’t control brings a level of acceptance and surrender. 

Also this idea that suffering is bad and should be avoided. But stoics think that whilst suffering shouldn’t be sought out needlessly actually suffering can bring opportunities to develop deeper qualities like tolerance and resilience. Stumbling blocks become stepping stones. Also there is the whole area of expectation that life should be fair and go our way, give us what we want but often in large or small ways it doesn’t give us what we want and we just have to make the best of things. Life throws us setbacks large and small. 

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