Mental plagues

Mental plagues….Marxism, feminism, spiritualism, white supremacy, run-away technology, trends, fashion, memes, news-culture. Jung said that modern society was marred by mental plagues such as socialism, fascism, abstract expressionism, cubism.  As in the pre-historic world when the world was haunted by malevolent spirits. Now individuals are possessed by these spirits because we are not aware of them. This results in all the social movements, mass delusions, mass psychoses. Movements that are ripping societies apart.

Abstract thinking. Theories. Groundless intellectualism. Fancies. Half baked notions. Fraudulent ideologies. False dichotomies. A landfill of ideas. 

Zealotry. Ideological zealotry. Crucifixion. Spanish Inquisition. Generalissimo. Stasi. Nazis. Death of society. No freedom of speech. No freedom of expression. No intellectual freedom. Conformity. Goose-stepping ideologues. Great dictators of the world. 

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