Train journey to Stratford-on-Avon

Travelling to stratford on Avon. Green leaves of England. Lucid. Neon lime. Fluttering. Like a lesson in English Literature. A cafe where you can write letters. North Korea for the mind. Another room a library. A train-track going through England. Could be going through Russia. Cosy up to Putin. The collapse of liberal democracy. No more Waitrose economy. Shops cant exist anymore. Everyone goes bust. Those lovely big houses. Everyone is on minimum wage, on a motorway, treadmill going nowhere, Liverpool care pathway. Fields of cabbages. Fields of wheat. Rain sodden day. Tramp through the rain. Birmingham snow hill. Art Deco cafe. Poetry loses. Heart of crystal skull. Trees and trees. English literature train wreck. Heart of England. England’s north coast. Loaf of bread. Coal Mine. Margaret Thatcher. Harold Wilson. Computers don’t work. 

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