Why talk of civilizational collapse is hyperbole

Civilizational collapse. Authors like Jared Diamond arguably promote over simplistic hyperbolic notions of what a civilizational collapse could be. 

There is this idea that wherever we look for evidence then we find that evidence. Human society does use a lot of resources. Maybe its more than narrative essay writing can comprehend. Maybe we need analysis of data in order to quantify what is going on with global systems. 

Systems thinking. Is society going to collapse? We are probably heading towards our environmental limits. Maybe with things like Trump and Brexit we are seeing the political manifestations of systems that are under stress and on the brink of collapse. Leading to a domino effect of systemic collapse and feedback loops. Maybe one day we will wake up and the seas will have risen 6 feet. The global economy is highly interdependent and fragile. Arguably it is already beginnning to implode. 

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