What is an anthropologist?

An anthropologist travels to other worlds. They are able to navigate between worlds. They are able to understand and make sense of divergent worlds. Sometimes they misunderstand the cultures they encounter. Overall anthropologists seek to understand. To make sense of things. Culture. Cultural worlds. Anthropologists are explorers. They are like time travellers stepping in and out of the river of time and try to make sense of it. The river of time is ever pervading, ever flowing. Anthropologists navigate time and cultural worlds. They are voyagers. Like the Ekumen in Ursula Le Gunn’s novels. They weave a narrative about what they have found. Every age is an age of exploration. The sands of time slip through the anthropologists hands. The ancient temple crumbles into the wilderness. The worlds we can encounter are infinite. They vary endlessly. Like cosmic interplay. A galactic exploration. Anthropologists are the ones taking notes and try to pick up the threads. Trying to pick up the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. Leaving records for others to comprehend.

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