Some unfinished thoughts on law of attraction and spirituality

The law of attraction seems like it might work. What you hold in your mind you attract. I recently read a book called “Happy” by Derren Brown where he tries to debunk the law of attraction.

I have books by Wayne Dyer such as “The Power of Intention” which promote the idea of the law of attraction. Simple techniques such as having a tidy room or house can attract calm, purposeful energy seem to bear out in my own experience.

So some elements of the law of attraction seem valid. Others such as being able to manifest a million pounds if only your energy is congruent seem less feasible. Derren Brown is highly scathing of the notion that the world adapts itself to us in a magical way. Yet Wayne Dyer who when you listen to his talks comes across as intelligent and compassionate bases his law of attraction ideas on Taoism. That the universe is an ever springing source of dynamic energy.

To be honest I like the Taoist ideas and sometimes minor miracles do seem to happen.

I think maybe there are situations where the unscrupulous use ideas like the law of attraction to fleece money out of unwitting people. Brown uses the example of some televangelists. Sometimes fake healers promise cures for conditions such as cancer when it would be better to rely on conventional medicine.

However I think maybe there IS something to law of attraction at least on some level. I personally can’t work out if it is totally bogus or not. As I said some elements of it seem to make sense. Also I think the popularity of these kinds of ideas on the internet will keep them going for a long time to come.

Derren Brown also takes a side swipe at positivity. He talks about this idea that someone decides to open a coffee shop fuelled by positivity whether or not the is a market for it and even if they manage to open a coffee shop it might not be what they want or might get wiped away in the next recession. I kind of agree that the traps Derren points out are possible but I found in his book a certain amount of aggressive scepticism. I also found the writing style quite dry and hard to deal with. I didn’t read the whole book but on the basis of what I read I wouldn’t recommend it. Maybe it is worth re-visiting at some point.

I also wanted to talk about yoga. Some forms of yoga seem to have slightly cultish elements to them which put me off. Some forms of yoga are quite powerful but I don’t necessarily trust them.

Where I do agree with Derren is with scepticism. I think that maybe spirituality is actually just Big Business and that there are people exploiting spirituality and making money out of it whether through cults or publishing or just tax free religious institutions.

It is a confusing mess at times but I do think there is value in spirituality. Of course people exploit it as a big business but maybe that’s the nature of capitalism. Everything is corrupted by business. I just think when I read a particular book or poem (at the moment it might be zen) I feel momentarily uplifted. Things seem to make sense a bit more. I suppose I am fuelling the publishing industry by buying Buddhist books or attending yoga classes. I think there is something mysterious to life. Yes it is full or traps and pitfalls and charlatans but I think there is genuine spirituality.

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