A handful of problems with stoicism

I wanted to write a little post about the negative side of Stoicism. 

  1. focusing heavily on what can go wrong
  2. Stoicism is quite austere and at times humourless maybe good for Roman Emperors but not mere mortals.
  3. Stoicism accepts suicide as an act of self control.

I think stoicism focuses a lot on things that can go wrong and is thus a little dreary. I could imagine being a stoic could be quite depressing at times. Stoicism seems to require a lot of self control and discipline which frankly many of us don’t have. Maybe special forces commandos but not the average boob. Also I think that the acceptance of suicide within stoicism is a problem. I agree that maybe a stoic who has meditated on a situation and thinks it’s preferable to take their own life. I worry that the pro-suicide philosophy might fall into the hands of people with mental health issues who aren’t able to see things clearly.

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