A parody of settler culture/mentality

People creating a settlement

Initially like sandcastles on a dune

People from the mighty indigenous tribes come to visit

The people of the settlement run away but eventually come back

The indigenous people kill a few but more come

Eventually it becomes a little town with a picket railing and kind of motte and bailey

A few decades pass…

More people flood in creating 10 settlements 

Initially like sandcastles on a dune

Gets bigger and bigger and bigger

People from the nearby settlement come to visit

Becomes a whole city with roads, trains, waterworks

Neighbouring people declare all out war

They get dressed for war and create a big but ineffectual display

They have spears and the sandcastle people have cannons.

A few decades pass… someone invents the motorcar

People create a settlement in 100 locations

Initially sandcastles on a dune

Gets bigger and bigger and bigger

People from a nearby settlement come to visit.

Soon it’s a series of megalopolises with roads, mass transit waterworks

The neighbouring people get moved into a reservation 

They grumble but nothing much happens

A few decades pass… a few economic collapses and dictatorships later.

People build 10,000  Qatars, Shanghai’s and Los Angeles around the world

Using up the world’s reserves of sand

No sand left in Saudi Arabia

It gets bigger and bigger and bigger

The other people are in a museum and pop out to Walmart to eat a jalapeño burger on their unpaid lunch break

They dress in tribal costume for tourists

The cities get bigger and bigger and bigger 

With international airports, world class art galleries and Michelin starred restaurants 

The original people can’t start a war now because they are in credit card debt

The world gets bigger and bigger….

A few decades pass and a few visionaries like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk leave their imprint on the world (wanted or not). 

People build a huge graphene box and put the world inside

The graphene box will regulate the world and make it safe for robots

No one can fight back because everyone is deferential to technology

No one notices anyway because everyone is on social media 

The graphene box goes to invade more planets

Corporate America makes blueprints for the known universe. 

Non-humanoid neon blobs with spears are waiting. 

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