Short story #4

The green skirted woman stood next to the piano. The gigantic dog bounded outside. Everywhere there were chimney and balloons. It was the neo-Victorian utopia of Alice land. Pine trees were everywhere and mountain ranges soared. Griffins roared and steam trains hawed. Everything was frozen in ice except the econo people who kept the society going. The rich lived in dramatic ice palaces overflowing with emeralds whilst the poor lived in converted mc mansions made out of styrofoam. It was a strange world and one that would soon be destroyed by the clashing of two inter planetary nebulae. Neon rain would cascade down and melt the ice palaces and then the econo people would be free to set up an anarcho-Utopianist society spliced with white supremacy and predatory capitalism. 

Ivan lived under a fern in a grand park of one of the ice palaces. He slept all winter but now he was waking up. He knew that the world was about to end but he didn’t care about that. He wanted to explore the remnants of grotesque cities carved out of moon craters and delve into the hidden libraries of the econo people that they had kept since the days of slave antiquity. There were dinosaur bones and mobile homes and lost pets surrounding branches of Pizza Hut with purple ribbon. The society was too broken to be fixed. Already the econo people were fleeing on star cruisers and barbarian hordes were piling in from outside the known universe. 

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