Sketchy explanation of the idea of a ‘curve in the universe’.

Why there is a curve in the universe…

I have written about this before but it occurs to me strongly that there is a curve in the universe. This idea grows partly out of my Taoism and partly out of my anthropological education. So I am particularly keen to hear from anthropologists as to whether this has occurred to them or whether indeed anyone has (probably) thought this before? 

Firstly the world is much bigger than we like to think, vaster…. just big. 

There are many more worlds within worlds and ways of seeing the world. When you think about more or less traditional ethnography it captures the life world of one small microcosmic group. It captures the culture or episteme (or maybe even misunderstands or misrepresents it). 

When I think of books like Jeanette Edward’s study of Bacup it makes me realise what colossal shifts in world view can take place by moving from one hill to another (as the Ursula Le Guin quite which Edwards prefaces her book with states). 

Anthropologists are hyper-aware that these kind of time and cultural dilations exist. These kind of wormholes and portals within the fabric of reality. 

The anthropological way is more observational more empiric. 

But just this acknowledgement that the fabric of reality is bumpy, twists and bends and flips right over in strange unexpected ways this is a realisation that the world is not some kind of Cartesian plane. 

Just thoughts….

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