Why the mental health professions are scared of climate change…

I want to write about how mental health service fail to give me a narrative for my mental health condition and how this could be linked to the sense that they are ignoring the historical moment we are in (ie climate change). They can’t give a story about my mental health because they are screening off the larger cultural story we are all going through that civilisation is collapsing. It’s probably too big an issue for mental health services to admit. The elephant in the room that is the root cause behind a lot of mental health issues in the population in ten thousand different manifestations. 

I don’t want to report individual conversations with mental health workers because I feel that would be breaking trust. I will just give a general sense. 

So I experience paranoia as constant and debilitating. Something that has crept up rapidly over a period stretching back probably a decade. I explain this to a worker and they just say that everyone experiences paranoia.  A bit like everyone experiences headaches. 

I ask how it got so bad and they don’t answer me.

The psychiatrist when asked about my diagnosis says we don’t really use diagnosis anymore we look at symptoms and what works. 

Maybe there could be a lot of explanations for this? 

I wonder if psychiatry is retreating from giving narratives to people’s mental health because the over arching narrative to which they are all linked, the story of climate change is perceived as too gruesome and unmanageable to talk about? 

In other words to give reasons for people’s mental distress (other than observing it exists) risks linking mental health to what is going on in society and that is too freaking scary to admit. We can’t admit to the mental health patients that society as we know it is coming to an end otherwise they might all freak out. But people with severe mental health diagnoses have probably experienced everything ending already anyway so arguably are better prepared. 


  1. huh, this is very smart–I love it. I think you’re right. society is collapsing. we’re doomed. if you’re not freaking out, you’re in denial or stupid, maybe. yes, psychiatry is invested in the status quo and helping people cope with how things are, not changing things into how they could or should be. they are fiddling while Rome burns and want us to as well. get a job, have kids, maintain your conventional relationships. buy a house, if you can. pretend everything can continue this way. they are enforcers of normalcy, as far as I can tell. thank you for pointing this post out to me. your ideas are wonderful.

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    1. I feel like your comment ended up on the wrong page. It’s ok Marcello. I get what you are saying. I have dipped into Bukowski but never really made a big study of him. What I have seen so far I do like. are saying


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