Mixing philosophies…

In my life’s challenges I draw upon several philosophies. I want to talk about 2 that seem quite different. The fact they are different puzzles me. I mean in the sense that I’m not sure you can hold stoic views and Buddhist views (because I’m talking about stoicism and Buddhism). 

In a way they are so different that I wonder if they are compatible at all. Stoicism seems raw, gritty about being in the fight. Buddhism also sees life as pain but seems to have more transcendental and esoteric aspects which aren’t really all that prominent in stoicism. 

I feel a bit like my mind is a TV set and I’m constantly flipping back and forth between the stoicism channel and the Buddhism channel. I’m not sure anyone has done a great deal of work synthesising these two traditions. In a way like I say they seem so different they seem like chalk and cheese. I think the joint factor is that both systems are geared up for dealing with life’s problems. Trying to find a way to deal with things that are hard to deal with. 

More soon. 

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