Review of “No Time to Spare” by Ursula Le Guin


I enjoyed this collection of blog posts by Ursula Le Guin. They range from posts about her admiration for Jose Saramago to posts about Homer, her cat “Pard”, literary prizes and the symbolism of uniforms.

In reading these posts you feel like you are having a conversation with a friend which emphasised my sadness that Le Guin died in January 2018. 

Even though some of these essays are on mundane topics you still walk away with a larger view of life such as the post about Pard and the Time Machine, “he visits that mysterious realm, that greater outdoors, where he is safe and perfectly at home.” . I find that reading Le Guin expands my perspective thousandfold. She could see the curve in the universe.

I believe that all her blog posts are available on her website but it is a little hard to navigate. 

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