Christchurch Attacks

Firstly condolences to the victims of the attacks and their families. What happened is unspeakably awful. 

I just wanted to make a few observations. Firstly that the violence and hatred in the world doesn’t seem to have peaked yet. Secondly that hatred seems commonplace (amongst my family members for example). 

Sadly it seems that the incidence of hatred is ratcheting up. From my point of view it seems that it will get far far worse before it gets better. 

It feels almost as though society will have to totally disintegrate before we can start again from the beginning. 

Climate change seems to be feeding this trajectory. As economies face austerity ordinary people experience anger. This anger is turned against people perceived as different. 

I also experience hardship but this doesn’t translate into me hating other people. 

I find family members also have hateful views but they have nursed these views for years. When Trump was elected one family member explained “we haven’t been listened to for years”. 

I just find it perplexing. I feel these times are really strange. Like one day you might wake up and find yourself in a concentration camp. 

So yeah it feel like everything we know will have to collapse before the ground can be cleared for something new. Ursula Le Guin in her book of essays “No Time to Spare” talks about how her belief this society can be saved had dwindled and hope was pushed far into some dim future like her far post apocalyptic novel “Always Coming Home”. 

Yeah so society seems to be disintegrating and there doesn’t seem to be much we can do about it. The writer Harry Eyres wrote a book called “Horace and Me” about his relationship with the works of the famous Roman poet. Horace lived at a time when the empire was teetering on the brink of collapse. In the same way as the Romans or the inhabitants of many empires they had no control over the society that was collapsing around them. 

It’s quite depressing but all societies die. Like all people die. 

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