Yogic mindfulness

Went to a yogic mindfulness class. It’s yoga but done in a really deliberate, even ponderous way. It’s designed to restore us to our natural speed. The teacher tells us that the pace of modern life is too fast. We need to slow down. Modern life is running us ragged. Our cortisol levels and our adrenal systems are on red alert all the time. Living like this causes fatigue, burnout and eventually illness and death. Getting back more to a natural rhythm or pace of life can help us restore our vitality and conserve our vital energy. In many ways yogic mindfulness is similar to Qi Gong or Tai Chi. The characteristic ‘slow’ circular movements of Tai chi is akin to how yoga was originally practised. The teacher tells us that yoga has been hijacked by the fitness industry. 

In the class some of the time is spent with the lights low. We lay on the floor, do small deliberate movements, use blankets and other props. There is quite a meditation element to yogic mindfulness. 

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