Ways to develop as a writer

Ways to develop as an artist

have different experiences

read books about being an artist/creativity

Go on writers retreats

Do writers courses


writers groups

special writing materials

time in the day/week to write

Alter medication

Have a muse

Go to art galleries

Go to literary events

Go to literary sites

Read literary magazines like the Paris review

Learn a foreign language and write in that language

Become big in Japan

Go undercover in North Korea


Watch movies

Go to open mic nights

Get your book made into a film

Get your blog to go viral

Only write letters (be like Emily Dickinson)

Report from war zones



Drink coffee

Do drugs

Live down and out in London and Paris

move to Trieste

Be part of a group of writers

Live in a beautiful house

Write one word a day

Take up jogging

Take up yoga

Live in New York

Kill yourself

Keep a diary

Write in code

Sell out

Become nocturnal

Marry a famous writer
Marry a publisher
Be a celebrity

1 Comment

  1. get an MFA
    ask God to speak through you
    ask your ancestors to speak through you
    facebook writers groups
    book tours
    self-promotion through youtube videos
    writing exercises
    translate something
    antique typewriter


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