I feel like our societies are dying. Huge spaces of anarchy are opening up in the world. It’s like the fall of the Roman Empire. Capitalism tries to maintain control and equilibrium by deploying more and more forces to crisis zones. This costs more and more every year. Draining treasuries. shockwaves of crisis and terror spring up in more and more unexpected places.  It’s harder and harder to maintain the social infrastructure. Society begins collapsing. The weak fractal world of post-modern society implodes on itself. Capitalism and technology have run amok. 

I just feel like everything is collapsing and imploding. I feel like it’s a kind of restless energy, the sickness that indigenous peoples see in the white races. Out of sync with nature, harnessed to the idea of unlimited progress and technological mastery of the earth. I feel that the huge economic system which has tried to master the earth has sown the seeds of its own destruction and is coming crashing down before our eyes. 

The system still has growth. Technology and economic development forge ahead but it’s like the growth of a cancer that is out of control. We see the metastizing in the bizarre social phenomenon that crop up in our media. It’s like a rotten fungus that can only Collapse in on itself. 

It’s like the game of kerplunk where you remove more and more sticks until eventually the system just becomes unsustainable and disintegrates. 

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