Fragment of an essay comparing process work and anthropology

I went on the site of the process work institute in Portland. I found a paper by a Japanese process worker. 

I kind of feel like process work is new age psychobabble. At least with anthropology it looks at phenomena but it tries to be objective about it. Anthropology is a science! 

The good thing about process work is everything has its own ‘process’ or ‘energy’. It’s based on Taoism. Everything has its own spirit or energy. It’s a bit like magic. Each earth spot has its own energy. In process work life is a mystery. I feel in anthropology they see less of the mystery. It’s abstract knowledge feeding into ‘policy’.

Anthropology is quite a big field. Process work is quite small. In process work circles there is more magical thinking.

I think process work can be quite powerful but it’s like the profession of process work has splintered. Or reached a dead end. Or maybe I’m just not seeing it rightly…

The centres of process work are Portland Oregon and Switzerland. 

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