Cities of Quartz

If human being are one family we are dysfunctional. A parallelogram of disconnection. 

In the book “Tuesdays with Morris” they say that what people yearn for on their death bed as that they had connection; friends, family, meaning. But Morrie was an infuriatingly privileged middle class professor living during the boom years. 

We have this kind of death-scape of alienation and despair. Yes a lot of people look like they are doing well and bumble along but these cities where we live are raddled with drugs, poverty, creaking despair. We can’t reach out to one another because of the authoritarian hand of capitalism.

The Morrie book basically preaches communism and Christianity all rolled into one but it can’t be established in this world. Either it exists only in small Pockets amongst the upper middle classes or it just can’t exist. We are served a drip feed of alienation. 

Yes it would be great to recognise our brotherhood. But like we actually have to and that means giving up some entrenched positions. Otherwise we are all going to keep stumbling lemming like into the chasms we create.

I am torn between wanting to go back to my home town which in my opinion is quite inward looking or flying off to Tokyo to live in an apartment and be some great artistic cause Celebre. Any of the great metropolises would do LA, New York, Singapore. 

But we kind of need connection. Money buys connection. We live in a fractal world of splinters of fear, icicles of doom. And that fear based world is unravelling, becoming hyper, imploding. 

Between the commodification of everything and the stalinists. 

Everything matters. 

We are made of this earth stuff. 

Earth with breath. 

We are so divided against ourselves. 

So walled off against ourselves with the walls in our minds.

Will it ever end? 

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