Respecting each season

I feel very disconnected. I feel as though our Stone Age ancestors (or even that not far back e.g. my immigrant  ancestors on their farm) had a way to live, a way of life that was meaningful for them. Respecting the seasons and each stage of life.

I generally feel that nowadays we live in the hyper-market. We can choose whatever lifestyle we want, whatever we can afford.

I feel very rootless. I was brought up with religion but I don’t really associate with that. I’ve tried other churches. I read quite a bit Carl Gustav Jung. I found a lot of meaning in Jung but I’ve not been able to replicate the connection I found in those books in real life.

I don’t think it would feel so bad if climate change wasn’t already upon us, tearing our societies apart. I put down a lot of the craziness in my own microcosm to the craziness in the macrocosm (the world at large). 

I just don’t feel like our societies have the cohesion to pull through climate change. Only a million migrants and Europe swings to the hard right. What happens when it’s 100 million?

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  1. your writing glitters with beautiful idea-gems. I think you’re right about people buying the lifestyle they can afford. life is a miracle, an amazing complex performance art, an opportunity for love and pleasure, a triumph–not a commodity that can be purchased ready-made and neat. life is so messy! this tidy, purchasable thing is a joke!

    and you say something really important about finding things in books but not being able to replicate them in real life. how many times has that happened to me? so many.

    good luck to all of us, finding what we need.


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