Liberal democracy versus anarchism

Liberal democracy versus anarchism

Where to start? I kind of like liberal democracy. I associate it with freeish but affluent and most of all vibrant societies like South Korea. I use the word vibrant because I think of dazzling down town areas packed with shoppers and restaurant goers, shiny high rise buildings, digital advertising billboards. All this glitz is in contrast to the drab grey austerity of countries like North Korea or east Germany. 

To some extent liberal democracy seems to work. 

Maybe though it is underpinned by Gunde Frankian dependency economics where third world countries are kept in a state of underdevelopment to service the rich countries.

Anarchism seems like a whole other thing. An attitude, like punk. Or kind of a culture or way of organising society that doesn’t involve government. 

It’s like an event horizon. You never actually get an anarchist government but you get revolt that is the cutting edge that hopefully cuts away autocracy. 

More later…

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