Was thinking about Yuval Noah Harari and Jared Diamond. People don’t seem to like these broad brush thinkers.

Today I was in hospital with my relative. My own sociological reservations were brushed off by the consultant as having no evidence base.

I was thinking again how each specialism requires expertise. No one can make sweeping statements about the whole of society because it cuts across the paths of multiple professional bodies.

Maybe I could train as an anthropologist. But I want to be a poet!

Therefore it’s virtually impossible to postulate about society as a whole. Poetry has no value and is just entertainment or window dressing. Words are meaningless.

Words have no value…

People like specialists not generalists.

Generalists really don’t have a role. No one listens to anthropology. The lab rats have taken over. Capitalism. It’s systemic. Quantifying everything. You come up against it in everything. The scientific method.

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