Despair about humanity

I wanna write about humanity. My blog is loosely anthropological. I feel like I have got derailed from writing the type of essays I really wanted to write.

I just feel like humanity is fucked.

Maybe this is not a new observation but it’s one that’s been gradually dawning on me. I just feel that despite the obvious achievements such as the arts and sciences humans are just really a horrible species.

We have a millennia long bloody history. We trash the environment. We kill all the other plants and animals. More than anything we are just stupid as hell. Dumb. Short sighted. I know I am writing this on a computer but just look around at all the boobs tapping on mobile phones. Humanity is just a horrible dystopia.

Obviously we have a life and I don’t really believe in suicide. But we have to go through with this charade until we shuffle off the mortal coil. Acting like a performing monkey to please corporate bosses.

I don’t know what the answer is other than to observe the absurdity of it all. Maybe I should read some Samuel Beckett.

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