In some shopping mall

Was thinking about a book I came across called “Embracing Mind”. It’s about the common ground between science and spirituality. The author is fluent in Tibetan and Sanskrit. I didn’t read the whole book yet but it made me think of some kinds of elevated states, a bit like mania where you are flying higher than the universe. Or where you can see to the very end of time and beyond…

I feel like I have a lot on my mind. From an acne drug I took as a teenager that causes psychosis, the poetry of Alan Ginsburg, the idea of creating an IPad that you could fold up like a piece of paper. How I am going to be able to afford my next apartment (win the lottery). China and Chinese history.

I feel like the world is all kind of jumbled up.

My yoga teacher told me that I am funny which flatters me. I think it’s necessary to have a sense of humour.

I am wandering round with my Smiths T Shirt on.

The world is as puzzling as an inferno. C4675926-DE15-413C-8AED-A8E900D5DE12


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