Living in narrow houses

Woke up about midday. Had some Azeera instant decaf Americano. Did some yoga asanas. Helped H find some photographs.

Got the train to Y. The platform was overcrowded. The train goes through central G. There are multiple high rise developments. The line from Lao Tzu came to mind.

“we should not live in narrow houses/we should not do stupid work”

All these narrow houses towering into the sky. Then all the office spaces towering into the sky. I read a bit of Alan Watts Tao book.

We sat in the first class section although no ticket inspector came to charge us. An attendant brought coffee and cakes. The coffee was spoiled.

We arrived at Z station. It’s a bit like a huge cattle shed. We got more drinks. I had half an Americano. Then we got on the train to U. It was an older less salubrious train. I made the move to sit at a table seat but there was literally no room to put my body. A middle class woman looked at me.

We arrived in down town. It’s an ex mining village. It’s very depressing. Every shop is shuttered up. An air of gloom and menace hangs.

I was thinking about Watts book. How nature is a complex self sustaining ecosystem. Modern society runs according to rules made from the outside.

I feel like the over riding mood of modern society is fear. We no longer have trust. Fear is the shallow husk. So much fear and anger and it could very easily trip over into fascism. It probably already is doing.


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