Total answers to the question; ‘what is the meaning of life’

I thought I would refresh this post in the light of current knowledge

1 I don’t understand life sometimes.
Maybe life isn’t meant to be understood. Like in the play Hamlet where the main character ties himself in knots trying to understand the universe it “puzzles the will”. – life isn’t to be understood. It’s to be lived!
2 Why are we here?
Biological chance/accident. Some kind of evolution through lives. I really don’t know at all? – I dunno
3 Why is life so cruel/fragile?
Life is inherently fragile. Biological beings are fragile. Society is fragile. Maybe beautiful like a zen poem. Fleeting. Passing away. Ephemeral. Like a butterfly. – everything changes.
4 What is the meaning of it all?
Maybe found in sacred texts. They were the repository of ancestral wisdom for many cultures. Maybe found in the great world religions, also the arts, science, knowledge, music. The powerful play goes on and I must contribute a verse? To play your part. To give something. I feel at the moment as though I require a lot of support. I think that is one of the main things in my life. I don’t understand why I am unwell/Ill. Why I am not capable of a lot of things. Society as a whole seems quite individualistic. It doesn’t seem to give us a greater purpose to belong to. I feel inherently lonely. Maybe it’s up to people like me to try to create something different? I dunno. – still dunno
5 Why doesn’t life make sense?
Maybe it does from a certain distance, perspective. Maybe we can’t see it when lost in the forest or the desert? – no answers

My latest take on all this is that meaning is more likely to be found in some practice like yoga rather than mental striving. Looking gently inward and feeling the truth in the body is worth more than abstract striving where the brain wanders without reference point.


  1. We are biochemistry, physics, metaphysics, anatomy, kinetic, zoological, anthropological, sociological, psychological all the other ‘ogicals’.

    I was reading today in a Taoist book about the ‘grand unified field’ that is the Tao. As the woman from the Fugees says ‘everything is everything’.


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