I feel like the migration issue is only going to increase with climate change. The focus was on Europe a few years ago with migrants crossing the Mediterranean.

I’m not sure it’s an entirely good idea but do we need some kind of global ‘state of emergency’? Where governments go onto a war time type footing to curb carbon emissions and roll out efforts to help us adapt to the climate chaos already locked in.

I have my doubts about it because it could descend into a form of global green Maoism. But it feels like there is a major incident kicking off globally, someone’s called International Rescue but they are not answering.

I know lots of people are addressing these climate issues but I feel like it needs to be stepped up to a whole other level. Like genuine international co-operation and large scale deployment of food aid, technology transfer and so forth. It feels like the house is burning and no one is doing anything.

In a way it’s so easy just to focus on blogging and drinking lattes at Starbucks. All my better paid friends are still flying from the U.K. to Taiwan and California for 1 week holidays. The cognitive dissonance is massive. I’m guilty of it myself. I hear these migrant horror stories but when I go out the city looks normal and there are still donuts at Tim hortons.

When are we gonna wake up?4624BB30-B2EC-4707-8E09-DDB1AAEAC008

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