Thoughts about death

I’m thinking about death.

What is this life all about?

I saw an advert today saying ‘obesity causes cancer’. My thought was ‘so what’. Yes there might be pain but once I died I would be ‘out of the game’ (presumably).

Life is too much to cope with. There must be a purpose or reason to it. Why are we here? It feels like there must be meaning in it. But what?

I struggle for the meaning, like Victor Frankl. Life just seems too overwhelming and painful.

I wanted to write something more but I cannot formulate my thoughts.

The meaning eludes me.

One of the main things that concerns me is; “is there life after death”. What happens to us when we die? It really puzzles me.

I’m left wondering what is the purpose of life?

I read the New York Times everyday and I wonder at the dizzying stream of events, life, birth, death, brutality, love, poverty, warfare. I’m just aghast at the scale of it all.

Life feels like a burden and I feel I am going on now so I will stop.


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