Samuel Beckett, buddhism & yoga

Cycled mentally through Tibetan Buddhism. Decided to take a peak into Samuel Beckett. It feels good to have this alive-intellectual process where I am thinking about things but also sometimes it makes me depressed. Drives depression. Read Wikipedia article and entry in this tome like book. “Waiting for Godot” is about Humans struggling with meaninglessness.

Yoga says believe in the body. Inhabit the body. I think I am still in my head. Still trying to figure things out.

I think I will stick with yoga. Yoga is important to me. I feel like I need to go deeper into it.

Being a writer and achieving things in the world of writing. Maybe it’s like a sandcastle on the shore? When I was younger I liked reading about the lives of writers. Of course Beckett lived most of his life in Paris. Creativity seems to go with moving around somewhat (admittedly maybe not always). I was thinking of the Japanese poet Ishigaki Rin who worked most of her life in the same bank.

I think maybe we all need to inhabit the body more. At least western society does? The Cartesian split is famous.

I would like to travel and see positive new horizons.

My money never seems to go anywhere.



  1. Nice combination – during my younger days I read a lot about Buddhism, no Yoga but I exercise every day – and as a writer I can relate to your metaphor of sandcastle​ – have a great time


  2. i suggest, 1. yoga, 2. reading Godot, not the wikipedia article (it’s going to take you as long to read as it took to write this) 3. thanks for writing


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