We are writers…!

Being an artist…

We create.

We move around.

Even bad experiences can be material.

A table top in a cafe can be our workspace.

Misdemeanour is just notoriety.

We can move around like a butterfly.

Even if we are trapped in a North Korean gulag we write on scraps of paper…

We flow like water.

We wear sunglasses.

We wear Smiths t shirts.

We air kiss.

We enjoy the good life.

We might live in Santa Monica city.

We might live in Kyoto city.

Life gives us inspiration.

It’s all grist to our mill.

We deviate.

We divide.

We sit at our desks sharpening pencils.

We buy another mac book pro because “it will make us write better”

We are the critic and the criticised

We are the ivory tower and the down and out

We can make millions or not enough to buy cat food

We are writers! D5D50C7D-B7C4-4673-B6F9-160F98A5D4C2


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