The world is confusing. Culture, history, politics present a confusing mix. But in a process of triangulation we can work out who we are and who we have been. By taking data from more than two points in time/space we can co-ordinate who we are.

Anthropologist Keith Hart explains the process. He was born in Manchester and he has spent time in North America and the Caribbean. By pulling ethnographic facts and resources from each of these three locations he was able to better understand North Atlantic culture and his own family background (source essay ‘Manchester on my Mind’).

Anthropologist are able to weave this meta data.


  1. hey Ming is reading a book The Three Body Problem. i think it’s Chinese scifi. that book has to do with threeness but not sure about triangulation. i think about some ideas related to quantum physics that have stuck in my mind. you can know where something was but not where it is. perceiving something changes its location. kinda like you don’t know what you have until you lose it–you don’t know where you were until you leave.


  2. Hi… yeah I like those ideas. They expand my mind. I came to the conclusion last night that I think too much. I feel a lot too. Something about Taoism I can’t explain. Hmmm. Time travel intruiges me. I like the idea that when we live far away from our loved ones that we are engaging in time travel. Relationships lived out over chasms of space and time. Hmm. I’m tired.


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