Watched Greta Thunberg’s speech at the UN.

What plan is there to ditch carbon in short order? Does this plan contain contingencies for the likelihood of a huge backlash by laid off workers as the economy collapses?

I didn’t like Greta’s pitting of old against young. To me it had shades of the cultural revolution when teenagers attacked and murdered adults for not being ideologically pure enough. How long before students start attacking adults for letting them down on climate change. How long before the climate kids turn nasty?


  1. My daughter’s expressed irritation with our generation. I guess I would too, if I were her, particularly as they keep getting told they’re patsies for the environmental movement, and to go back to school. I feel they have a point… I’ll be dead by 2050, they’ll be the ones dealing with what is left


  2. where Ming and I were house sitting, they had a poster of Geta on the wall I would see multiple times a day. I would tell her good morning. when we left after our two weeks, I said goodbye to her, happy to leave her behind. I like the autism and fierceness. but celebrity is weird. why is one person chosen and not another. braids, novelty? I see memes about her whiteness. how complaining and carrying signs is acceptable, pointless. she’s ok because it’s just talk. the Native American people chaining themselves to equipment and getting attacked by dogs for defending the earth are way too wild for the media.


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