Climate crisis

It’s 2039. I’m 58 years old. I’m Labouring in the fields of this collective farm/gulag in northern Britain. I used to live in a comfy apartment drinking coffee but since the climate revolution (a confluence of the alt right and climate activists) industrial society has been swept away and we labour like peasants whilst an upper echelon of climate activists live in plush gated communities with cable tv. My knees are breaking and my teeth are falling out but this is what Greta Thunburg wanted. We missed the window of opportunity anyway and runaway feedback loops were locked in so we dismantled society and created a gulag state for nothing. Better look for some rats to eat.


  1. Sorry to go on about it, but to me, it’s like we’re all on a ship that’s headed for disaster. Is it really sensible to do nothing much to turn it around, on the grounds that we’re quite comfortable now and we can’t quite imagine a different way of doing things? I live on a rural property in Australia, dependent on tank water, and if we continue to have the droughts and fires we’ve been having, I’ll run out of water, and or lose my home. Possibly my life. So I could move into town.. but they’re beginning to run out of water too, and in any case the food supply relies on viable farms. Where I live, climate change is completely obvious, and a real threat. Maybe in Britain you’re immune, but I wouldn’t bet on it. That said, no one likes to be preached at.


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