Less doing, more being

I know it sounds like hippie mumbo jumbo but I think it’s true. The world would be better off if there were less people trying hard to “DO” something to it and there were more people just being.

Because it’s the “try hard doers” that are at the root of most of the problems. For every problem that explodes In society there are hordes of big nosed experts prescribing all sorts of solutions. It’s their badly fitting, ill thought out solutions that don’t go with the grain of life that then cause EVEN MORE problems thus compounding an already dire situation. Just think of western foreign policy and all the badly designed wars that have gone wrong and spurned even more chaos and insurgencies. Or in medicine when the body fails doctors pump the body full of toxic drugs that lead to even more side effects and disease.

Western society is like a sledgehammer. Constantly battling an array of problems with nuclear options which then blow up in their faces.

Instead working with the flow of the world and human nature would produce better results. Instead everytime there is a crisis more legislation, rules and regulations are generated until eventually there is no trust in society and we just live by the hollow husk of rules and regulations.

I feel like there are too many experts and pundits out there touting solutions to the environment, the economy, disease and the more of this artificial constructs we invoke lead us further from peace and calm and to a dismal rule by regulation.

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