Sattvic states

(‘Sattva’ is one of the three ‘gunas’ In yoga. The ‘good’ guna it is meant to represent states of peace and equanimity. I have been experiencing more of these states recently).

Hello dear readers!

The last few weeks I haven’t posted much. In between chores I am finding hard to find time or motivation to write my anthropological essays. I think it is a shame because I do have something to say but at times it’s hard to formulate my ideas well. I really want to find my stride in my writing. At times I’m not sure whether I want to write rushed blog posts or crafted essays and who is reading this stuff? I feel in a way I am onto something as I am interested in how technologies and society goes ‘wrong’. The on the ground anthropological reality rather than the rhetoric.

Recently I have been to London twice. I went to see the Luchita Hurtado exhibition at the Serpentine. I am spending my days sleeping a lot, doing household tasks, doing work tasks. It’s been a struggle to keep on top of my medication.

In the city where I live there is lots of high rise construction. I find the city quite stressful. Travelling is also stressful.

I am working on a zine but my motivation is low. When people ask me what I do I still find it hard to say ‘writer’. I feel like an impostor. Who am I to be a writer.

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