Warren Buffet

Was thinking about prosperity. What it would be like to be able to buy an apartment outright?

My Stoic book “The Obstacle is the Way” by Ryan Holiday says to expect the unexpected. If you rely on one client or one income stream it could dry up and then where would you be?

I was thinking about work. How politicians say that work is the route out of poverty. I was thinking about people out there who tick all the boxes. Who do what society says. Get a job, be frugal, save money, save coupons, economise, get on the property ladder, make the right choices.

I was thinking how all these people always make the right choice. The responsible choice. Follow all the government advice.

Then I was thinking about the business section in my local book store. How it is large and has a table. There are displays of books like the “$100 entrepreneur” and books by warren buffet. I was thinking about this idea about how making a vast pile of cash is as easy as following the step by step instructions in a money oriented self help manual.

Then I was thinking about my local high street and how the tired chain coffee shops are being replaced with hipster places. But it’s like they are designed within an inch of their lives. The kind of aesthetic ideal of Silicon Valley or something and it’s probably tech people awash with cash who are branching out into catering and doing it better. Like there is a certain aesthetic to wealth like a zen temple. Only what you need.

Life is full of choices. Is confusing.

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