I’ve been asked to be part of a suicide awareness campaign.

I think a big driver of suicide is feeling alone with our thoughts and feelings. Like we can talk to anyone. I think at the end of the day we are all in it together and we have to understand each other.

We should spread more understanding and support instead of judgment and blame. I think people do this all the time. It’s often the media who are bear baiting people.

Love and understanding. That’s what we need. Maybe it’s warm words.

I dunno.

Sometimes understanding is thin on the ground.

I wish we could all love each other and drink tea like in a Chekhov play.


  1. I have bipolar and depression plus I never sleep, I’m always tired, and I’m gay so the deliberation of suicide is generally a constant in my life. I’ve attempted twice but have been doing well for the last 13 months. Think getting back on WordPress has helped me stay grounded and connected. Thanks for being bold and addressing this important issue.


    1. I’m gay and bipolar too (although I sleep a lot due to medication). Glad you have been feeling better recently. I feel like one thing is that i compare my inner state of mind with everyone else presents as normal and functional. That said life is very confusing. Thanks for the comment.

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