the renaissance person

Looked up Jared Diamond’s website. Jared is an American geographer who has written lots of books about human culture and civilisation. He apparently spent years working in Papua New Guinea. Where he witnessed ecological collapse to some degree.

I think Jared’s books ask interesting questions. He says the reasons he writes books is because he has his own questions about things. I have seen a take down of him and other ‘polymathic’ authors like Yuval Noah Harari (The Israeli academic) because they make a lot of quantum leaps in their writing. Maybe because they rely on years of reading (which is often out of date) they reach erroneous conclusions. I’ve read a lot of cases of actual scientists throwing down Jared Diamond and Yuval Noah Harari books in disgust because they contain basic factual errors and misunderstandings.

I heard some say that Anthony Bourdain collected a lot of qualitative data about the world through his travels and this may have contributed to his suicide because he sensed the possible coming Armageddon.

What is the value of quantitive versus qualitive?

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