Le Guin thoughts


I was reading about Ursula Le Guin’s exhortation to young authors to challenge the system we are in. I was thinking “right on!”. Yes we must challenge the labyrinthine problems that face us.

I kind of feel like my own writing is stagnating. No one around me really takes me seriously as a writer. People talk about my ‘musings’. I feel like I must do more. With this coronavirus I am loathe to go to a cafe which is usually a place I can get work ironed out.

I have an idea for some essays on the misuse of science. I keep writing lists of words relating to it but mostly I keep writing a similar essay.

My though-patterns are anthropological and I wonder whether doing a research degree might help me find fresh ethnographic avenues.

Right now I have a headache and a temperature and a sore throat. I hope I will be ok.


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