ancient friends

Friends who have meant a lot to me

There was this guy in my class at school, Peter. I really loved him. First love. Unrequited. He was witty but he used to put me down. He liked John Grisham books and his family took holidays in Canada. He was good at history. I think he is a journalist now.

Millie was my gf. I met her at a Blur concert in 1997. Suddenly I was friends with the cool kids. Britpop was exhilarating (until it ran out of steam). Nothing was ever as vivid as that summer of 97. 

Ben wore the Che Guevara T shirt.

Jen was a crazy girl from near Sheffield. She liked Bukowski. We met on an expedition to Kenya in 1999. She went to Lancaster to study creative writing. She was also bipolar. 

Evelyne was a Quebecois actress. We became friends hanging out in a shisha lounge. I went to stay with her in Canada. While I was in Canada I developed an eating disorder.

Sam was a half Sikh girl from Burnley. I met her at the start of university. She moved to Egypt to teach English at the time of the revolution. I think she married a Muslim and I never heard from her again. 

Laura-Marie is a zinester and poet. We were friends for 9 years until it imploded. We could discuss anything, philosophy, metaphysics. She writes way better than me. I’m sad I lost her. 

I don’t have as much to say about more recent friends right now. These friends seem to be from brightly lit tableaux. 


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