fragment of an essay/assay

A fallingleaves theology/philosophy

I’m 39 now and I’ve experienced a bit of life.  I wanted to record my observations for posterity.

Most things in life are relative. A lot of things in life are mutable. A good proportion of things in life are negotiable but then there are some things that are fixed in stone. Then again even stone moves given enough time. 

I have a weird hot hotpotch of Catholic, Christian, Buddhist and yogic beliefs in my head. I am sure this causes cognitive dissonance. No one really talks about epistemology (the ideas behind things) but they are important. This is why I am suspect of a lot of human decision making because it is full of undeclared or unconscious theoretical and philosophical ideas that influence things a lot.

People say Britain is not a Christian country. I would say it is “post Christian” in that it is not Christian but Christianity still influences a lot. 

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