This topic makes me sad.

I think I have been lonely a lot of my life. I remember in high school during the school holidays no one from my class lived near me. I wanted to do things like play chess.

I feel like I reach out to people. I want to connect but few people seemingly want to connect with me. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s personal faults? I am lucky I have my partner who is my best friend but otherwise the world is quite lonely. I find people keep themselves to themselves these days.

It feels as though the dictat of society is grab a partner, produce kids, work then retire to the sun.

There was a piece on the news about a 30 something man in hospital with coronavirus. His father was on wailing about it saying he had 1000s of friends. I think this is utter rubbish. No one has 1000s of friends (at least not the meaningful sort). What it means is you are affluent, go on holidays and socialise a lot, you are a member of a rugby club or something.

My friendships tend to disintegrate.

Ill write more later. Not that I’m sure anyone is even reading this.

oh well I hope the void enjoys my writing.



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