Covid 19 meaning?

I haven’t found anything that explains the meaning of Covid 19. I mean what it means in sociological or anthropological terms.

The Australian prime minister called it a human bio security crisis. What I am wondering is if this could be a kind of systemic collapse, a waterless flood. Ecosystems and economic systems are so stressed that it manifests in a collapse of human bio-security or disease that is never adequately solved but keeps hitting humanity in successive waves until the real world economy, society and trade disintegrates under the pressure. A fragmentation of society. A levelling down to a lower functional level. The implosion of the industrial infrastructure, the cessation of highly advanced manufacturing, the cessation of trade flows, widespread death and starvation?

Or maybe not? Maybe society will totter back from the brink. Things could be sunshine and roses.


Its scary to think that society might be disintegrating through over specialisation and over population. It would be good to think in some future humanity could continue maybe at a more appropriate level of technology. It would probably take more than Covid 19 to render society completely ruined.

The complexity that exists in the world makes human society fragile. We are fettered by our ever growing technologies and financial systems of immense complexity.

Only time will tell.

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