from my partner

The world is too super-charged. We swing from one thing to another, moved along by hyped up media narratives. I love the creativity that tv, film, radio, online gives people like me but the binary simplistic news agenda is destroying us. Life isn’t good or bad, black or white, right or wrong. It’s nuanced, it’s complex. History has taught that the extremes, however much we may believe in something, rarely brings about lasting progressive change. We’ve learned nothing really as we sleep walk into totalitarianism. George Orwell’s 1984 has arrived via the back door. Revolution tends to bring about more oppression not less. I despair at how frighteningly simplistic peoples views have become on right and left. We’re crying out for intelligent complex liberalism (not ideological zealotry) but it won’t be allowed any oxygen amid a media that seems determined to magnify division focussing as it does all the time on blame and shame culture, one or two countries and personalities. Individuals are pilloried for crazy things, a slip of the tongue, a statement taken literally etc and helped by a social media that acts as the modern version of the stocks. It’s become a drug and if we’re ever to get perspective we need to wean ourselves of it. I thought we were genuinely improving in the 90s but since then we’ve taken a huge step backwards to become a less tolerant society which seems set on closing down debate, moralising to the extreme, creating divisions everywhere and becoming deferential to that great enabler of conformity – technology. And the left is as guilty of this as the right.

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