Not quite despair

C41169B8-D06C-4F61-9755-378D123F509EI’m reading a book called “Conversations with Trees” by Stephanie Kaza. It’s kind of like Buddhist ecology. She writes about the destruction of trees and tree habitats. 

I feel it myself. Definitely the last 10 years there has been a downgrading of mind and spirit. Like the kerplunk straws that were holding things in place have been pulled away. Everyday life gets harder. I don’t hear anyone in my day to day life talk about that.

Then society. Yes there is Covid but it’s seen as a bump in the road. Most of society most of the time is geared to business as usual. Expanding the economy. Where is the national climate emergency? 

It’s kind of like being a frog in a vat of water that’s gonna boil. 


Maybe we could do ‘something’? 

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