Do you like this blog? Feedback sought.

Was just browsing my blog. I noticed a fair number of likes but not many comments. I was wondering how come? Maybe the vagaries of the internet??

This blog was intended for my anthropological essays but in reality I find I have little to say. The frustrating thing is I DO have a lot to say but somehow it won’t reach from my brain to my fingertips.

The absurdity of the world is a constant source of amusement and terror to me. I have some writing plans but I’m keen to keep those ideas to myself.




  1. Just thought I’d drop a comment about your comment on comments (heh). I guess it’s always going to be the case where likes outnumber comments, but hey, I thought I’d get the ball rolling for this post and get a conversation started. Wishing you all the best in your future blogging metrics!


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