I feel kinda lonely.

I have a partner but I still feel lonely. I kinda wish I had more friends. I know quite a few people but I am not close to them really.

When I was a teenager I used to have intense friendships. Today friendship seems to fizzle out and increasingly never gets off the starting blocks to begin with. Lockdown has made this worse I think.

I just wish I had a few more people to share my interests with.

I go to groups like language classes but I find everyone today Is like painfully socially inept.

I think the internet has dumbed down several generations into like computer dorks.

Sometimes I think as an adult in Britain you need cash to have friends. You have to have enough money to socialise. This could be anything from meals at Wetherspoons to world cruises. I think people are less likely to befriend you if you don’t have the status symbol of a house and car. They are less likely to befriend you if you have a disability, overweight or visibly mentally ill in some way. Ditto if you are queer.

so it’s a bit of a shit show then.

There are also political cliques. Like I quite like poetry readings but it seems you have to be some kind of Bolshevik before you can obtain social acceptance in these circles.

It’s all a bit of a pain in the arse really.


  1. It can be harder to make friends if you need them, ironically. I agree with you, people are getting more socially inept. But if making friends is a priority, you can make it happen, like any other thing you set your mind to.


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