Liquid love

I fell out with my friend. I should say she kind of edited me out of her life. I felt the whole situation was very unfair but the last time I messaged her I got a load of swear words back.

My friend had previously said we were like family but when I started relapsing with no sign of recovery she ditched me saying she didn’t want to be dragged under. This is a person who prides themselves on being ethical and holding the universe to a higher ethical standard.

In his monograph “Liquid Love” sociologist Zygmunt Bauman compares current standards of friendship to the Holocaust. People in late capitalism have loose bonds which can be made and unmade. There is no concept of loyalty.

I find my friends behaviour bizarre. It’s like I was ticked off a to do list and chucked out. So for all my friends avowed anarchism she is a typical consumerist American treating yesterday’s friendship like a piece of trash.

She has some great ideas and I can’t really understand it. Now I have no one to write to.

We live in a strange world.

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