We don’t really talk do we? I mean people. I mean the people I am in relation with. Some we chat but we don’t really sit round the camp fire telling stories or sit up till 5am discussing the universe. It’s like talk died. Now there are screens and computers and devices that spy on you at home but I feel like conversation has turned, dried up, withered and died. And we are the poorer for it. Next go our dreams,


    1. Hi, yes. It’s not like I’m not trying. This year I joined grad school for anthropology. But apart from one person who bonded with me over bipolar and another who I organised a trip to the library with it’s been a wash out. I’m not sure people at university want to discuss ideas. It’s just like a stepping stone to blinger things. I think after I’ve left the university I’m going to find an art course for enjoyment. My nurse recommended one to me but turns out it’s for BAME women’s empowerment. I’m not ruling out the idea that it could be something about me that Is driving people away? Do you have a close circle of friends but I’m beautiful?


      1. I have one friend I can discuss complex ideas with, and my son and daughter are always good for a deep conversation. My other friends are mostly just for light shooting the breeze. I do need more mental stimulation, too. I live on a rural property on my own, so you can imagine there’s limited opportunity. This year I’ve decided to make more effort to meet new people. My friend, the thoughtful one, has the same problem. I suggested he start his own meetup group… philosophy or books or whatever. Maybe I should take my own advice.


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